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    Pentagon, VA - Chaplain

    Religious Prayer and Worship Services:
    - Catholic Confession at 1115 hrs, Monday 96 Friday in room 1E438.
    - Catholic Mass at 1130 hrs, Monday 96 Friday in the Chapel 96 1E438.
    - Episcopal service is each Wednesday at 1230 hrs, Chapel room -1E438.
    - Hindu Service at 1230 each Thursday in the Chapel 96 1E438.
    - Jewish Lunch and Learn each Tuesday at 1200 hrs in the Air Force Chaplains Office, room 5D242.
    - Jewish Service and Bible study at 1230 hrs each Friday 96 1E438.
    - Latter Day Saints service (LDS) on 1st, 3rd and 4th Wednesdays at 1200 hrs in Room 2D472; 2nd
    Wednesday at 1030 hrs in 2D472.
    - Muslim service is at 1400 hrs each Friday and prayers are offered Monday 96 Thursday at 1400 in the
    Memorial Chapel 96 Room 1E438.
    - Collective Protestant service at 0830 hrs Sunday and 2030 hrs Sunday evening 96 1E438.
    - A Collective Protestant service is provided at 1230 hrs each Tuesday 96 Room 1E438.